About Soma Rental

For 20 years, Soma Technology, Inc. has specialized in outfitting healthcare facilities with quality new and refurbished medical equipment. We have become a market leader because of our commitment to industry advancements, while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. Soma Technology, Inc.’s main goal is to fulfill our clients’ medical equipment needs. With one of the largest and most diversified medical equipment inventories, we have capabilities that exceed those of our competitors. Soma’s Rental Program was established to assist the medical industry with critical care equipment that prefers renting over buying. Regardless of the size, location, or financial circumstances of your facility, we can provide you with the healthcare equipment you need.

Rental benefits our customers enjoy:

  • Avoid acquisition and maintenance cost on equipment
  • Ensure equipment availability to meet immediate needs
  • No downtime due to repairs or preventative maintenance
  • Ensure flexibility to upgrade to the newest technology
  • Freedom from technical obsolescence
  • Ability to access equipment without capital outlay
  • Ensure the most efficient management of resources

Why our customers rent from Soma Technology:

  • We have products from the top brands of the industry as GE, Philips, Physio Control, Drager, Baxter and many more
  • Short and Long Term rental programs available
  • Dedicated 800 number for all rental equipment rental orders
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